About Us

Edsan Virtual Services is a team of highly diverse, multi-talented and highly skilled professionals working in concert to provide premium tech assistance to companies and individuals. Our services cover everything from smaller projects and everyday work schedules, to big scale contract activities such as management, administrative, customer sourcing and retention, IT services and other corporate or business-related responsibilities.

We’re experienced in offering technical and administrative services to organizations.

We know our salt”

“We handle the bulk of work and assist you where you need it most so that you have more time to yourself”

Edsan Virtual Services is a modern-day business support company. Most companies are built to achieve a specific goal, and our goal is to help you achieve your goal!


Every company is built on the hard work, innovation, and dedication of its employees. This unrelenting service to the organization is rewarded with remuneration, commissions, paid leave, compensations, paid training, and pension. This perfect system has been sustained by organizations for years. As we progress into the digital age, however, individuals, start-up companies and large corporations can employ the service of virtual assistants to assist in the daily operations of the business on contract. This means getting projects completed easier and faster without the necessity of retaining paid employees even when there is no work to be done.

Virtual assistants work for you on various office duties such as administrative, customer service and telemarketing, digital marketing, social media management, human resource, data management, logistics such as purchase, hotel booking, flight booking, and lots more. The scope of service is endless!


We provide quality service in a professional way. We prioritize your projects to ensure that expectations are met. We work around the clock (even on weekends and holidays!) to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Efficiency in delivering results is what sets us apart from other similar companies. We work on a contract basis and we offer our very best to build a long-lasting work relationship with our clients. We guarantee your satisfaction, giving you more time for other engagements.

Why Work With Us?

  • No Salary required
  • Eliminate extra operating cost
  • Pay for only projects completed by Edsan Virtual Services
  • Pay for dedicated hours worked
  • Cut down workload
  • Take administrative tasks off your shoulders

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