Best Email Marketing Providers

Best Email Marketing Providers for Small Business

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Do you control a small-medium sized organization and wondering about best types of email marketing providers that will help you reach as many clients as possible?
If you are then feeling about including email marketing for your organization, then you are on the right route.

Email marketing offers one of the most powerful solutions that small to medium-sized organisations can use to advertise their products or services.
You should thus discover the best email marketing service that satisfies the exceptional demands of your firm.

Most email marketing services have the same features and, by extension, the same pricing estimates.
Some general features of the various available online email marketing providers are;
free trials, an array of email templates, email scheduling, and social media integrations.

There are many benefits of using email marketing for your firm and some of them include;
automating your workflows, sending more and better emails, tracking your stats, enhancing lasting relationships with your website visitors.

Let’s now find out about the best email marketing providers for small businesses.

Constant Contact

The email marketing service established 24 years ago has continuously developed into one of the world’s largest email marketing services!
Interestingly, they maintain high-quality service offerings and are presenting new products that other email marketing services providers aren’t providing.

Below are some benefits of using Constant Contact:
Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an exceptionally great email marketing service, well suited for the small-medium-sized organisations.
You can take advantage of the 60-day free trial that attempts to give you entry to all features before you pay for a monthly subscription.
As a customer of the business, you enjoy multiple customisations and integration options, all in a simple to use interface.

Constant Contact lets you access event management tool and social media tools.
Social media sharing on this platform is so easy, and you can comfortably integrate some other apps and services that you are already applying to your business operations. 

Another advantage of employing this email marketing service is that it provides you with some niche-specific templates that you can use.
 You also enjoy the option of tracking their email metrics on an impressive dashboard.

There are a ton of useful guide and services just to help you get started seamlessly.
You also get access to customer support services, which include;
live chat, email, and phone support.

Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing service providers for small businesses. 


It offers two plans.
They break the two plans down into pricing levels based on various contacts:

Email plan.

500 subscribers: $20 per month.

2,500 subscribers: $45 per month.

5,000 subscribers: $65 per month.

10,000 subscribers: $95 per month.

Email plus Plan.

500 subscribers: $45 per month.

2,500 subscribers: $70 per month.

5,000 subscribers: $95 per month.


Klaviyo is an impressive email marketing software designed for eCommerce businesses.
It has a free account that lets you handle 250 contacts and the capacity to send 500 emails, including the newsletter.

Benefits to expect from Klaviyo:

Once you get subscribed with Klaviyo, it gives you A/B testing tools, segmentation plus a drag-and-drop email creator.
As already stated above, there is a free plan of Klaviyo that lets you have 250 contacts however when the contacts reach 300 you then have to pay $25 each month. 
The number of email subscribers determines the pricing plan.  

Klaviyo is such a powerful email marketing service that will let you segment your list based on various factors.
Some such factors may include things such as the behavior of your audience on your website, open rates, location and so forth. 

It lets you integrate with Facebook, thus allowing you to even target your contacts on Facebook.

It features an easy visual builder that is so easy to use.
You need not have any programming skills to create your automation workflows and email templates.

If you own an ecommerce store, Klaviyo allows you to pay for just email plan, SMS plans, or Email and SMS plan.

Email Plan

500 Subscribers- $20 per month

SMS Plan
500 messages send – $5 per month

Email and SMS –
 500 Subscribers and 500 messages – $25 per month

Klaviyo’s pricing depends basically on the number of contacts you have. See pricing calculator.

With it, expect to experience a post-purchase engagement campaign with your customers.


MailChimp is the third online email marketing service on this list.
It is powerful and ideal for you if you have small to medium businesses.
If you are on a low budget and want something to try first before getting subscribed, then this might be the right option for you.
It comes with a free plan version that has limited features. 

Here are some benefits to expect from MailChimp:

This email marketing service is easy to use and also offers a very good free plan.
Other prominent features include;
campaign reporting, list management, and also social media ads, pop-up forms, landing page, website, postcards, and much more.

MailChimp also gives you the ability to send transactional emails, which are emails that are automated and are triggered by certain kinds of events, preference or interactions within an application or services.
Examples of these transactional emails include order confirmation, double opt-in emails, password reset, invoice email, etc.

MailChimp’s free plan allows you to have up to 2,000 subscribers and send of 12,000 emails.

Apart from the free plan, MailChimp has three different paid plans whose fee is based on the number of contacts;

Essential Plan
500 Subscribers – $9.99 per month

1,500 Subscribers–$20.99 per month

2,500 Subscribers–$30.99 per month

5,000 Subscribers—$52.99 per month

10,000 Subscribers – $78.99 per month

Standard Plan
500 Subscribers – $14.99 per month

2,500 Subscribers–$51.99 per month

5,000 Subscribers–$79.99 per month

10,000 Subscribers–$105 per month


10,000 Subscribers – $299 per month

15,000 Subscribers–$370 per month

20,000 Subscribers – $420 per month

Active Campaign

 Is also a great email marketing provider, although active campaign has no free plan, neither do they give a 30 days’ money-back guarantee .
This platform accommodates both small and large businesses?
One thing I do like about this platform is its unique feature you a personal consultation call during your email setup process.
 Active Campaign serves three business names, namely digital business, B2B, and Ecommerce.

Other Benefits of Active Campaign:

Active campaign has a straightforward flow and is very easy to use.
Other noticeable features include;
21 email templates, dynamic content option, social media integration, list management, email automation, and a drag-and-drop design tool.

Apart from the features mentioned here,
Active campaign also gives a free 14-day’s trial with limited feature. With this email marketing provided, you get other features based on your type of business.
For instance, if your business is a B2B business type, with Active campaign will provide you with the following;
lead capture form, Salesforce integration, 500+ automation recipes, sales emails, segmented outreach, email Autoresponders, Smart deal routing, customizable sales
pipeline, sales automation and many more.


It offers four plans and each plan’s pricing is based on the number of contacts.
All plans are billed both monthly and annually.

Lite Plan
500 Subscribers – $9 per month

1,000 Subscribers–$25 per month

2,500 Subscribers–$45 per month

5,000 Subscribers–$79 per month

Plus Plan

500 Subscribers – $49 per month

1,000 Subscribers–$49 per month

2,500 Subscribers–$99 per month

5,000 Subscribers–$135 per month

Professional Plan

500 Subscribers – $129 per month

1,000 Subscribers–$129 per month

2,500 Subscribers–$129 per month

5,000 Subscribers–$199 per month

Enterprise Plan

500 Subscribers – $229 per month

1,000 Subscribers–$229 per month

2,500 Subscribers–$229 per month

5,000 Subscribers–$359 per month


 Is also an email marketing tool for small business but it might not be an excellent platform for beginners as the interface is difficult to use.
And anyone new to email marketing might find it difficult to use. Although, Aweber has a very supportive customer support system that guides you throughout setting up and sending your campaign.

If you run into any issue while using the platform.
They also provide 24/7 support to answer any question you might have about the platform.

Other Benefits of Aweber

Like other email marketing providers, Aweber has various features such as a drag-and-drop email builder, email automation, landing page builder, web push notification, HTML email templates, an Artificial intelligence smart designers that automatically matches your email template with your brand color on your website. Aweber has both free email plans, and a paid plan, although the fee of the paid plan depends on the number of contacts, and if you are billed monthly or annually.
While the free plan allows you to start with 0-500 subscribers with limited features.

Aweber plan is billed both monthly and annually

Pro Plan Fee: (Billed Annually)

500 Subscribers – $16.50 per month

2,500 Subscribers–$26.15 per month

5,000 Subscribers–$46.15 per month

10,000 Subscribers- $66.15 per month


This email marketing provider trends provides marketing services and products to entrepreneurs, online marketers, marketing managers, mid and large companies.
It provides a comprehensive marketing products to these groups of individuals and companies.
Some features include email marketing, conversion funnel, landing pages, marketing automation, etc.

GetResponses also offers 24/7 customer support, tutorials on how to use its interface and features, but above all they render a pay-as-you-go service.
 There is no refund and once you have paid for a plan, you will not get refunded when you cancel the plan.
But they offer a 30days free trial which provides you with an opportunity to try out the platform before you commit to a paid plan.

Other Benefits of GetResponse.

Other features of GetResponse include webinars (unlimited registrants, unlimited paid webinars, unlimited live webinars, and recording storage), Sign up forms and survey, web push notification, ecommerce tools, over 150 integrations and apps.

 And if you decide to purchase the GetResponse Max, you get a few advanced features such as campaign consulting, dedicated infrastructure, account manager, dedicated IP address, Custom rebranding, deliverability consulting, and Microsoft Dynamics integration. 


GetResponse offers three paid plans, namely;
Basic, Plus, and Professional plan.


Basic Plan

1,000 Subscribers- $12.30

2,500 Subscribers – $20.50

5,000 Subscribers – $36.90

Plus Plan

1,000 Subscribers- $40.18

2,500 Subscribers – $48.38

5,000 Subscribers – $64.78

Professional Plan

1,000 Subscribers- $81.18

2,500 Subscribers – $97.58

5,000 Subscribers – $113.98


 The email platform was designed basically for digital creators, bloggers, and publishers and small businesses.
ConvertKit gives its new users a step-by-step email guide to help them get started and not only do they give an email guide but there are also tutorials, articles, etc on how to get started with email marketing and the interface.
ConvertKit also has a community for creators, to help creators and anyone use the platform as questions and find answers, network, and meet other experts.

Features and Benefits of ConvertKit:

Some features of ConvertKit concludes unlimited contacts, unlimited landing pages and sign up forms, unlimited sales pages and link pages, email broadcast and email automation, and every other major feature of a standard email marketing platform.
Not only does it have the standard features, but ConvertKit also allows you to sell digital products, run a paid newsletter, and setup recurring subscriptions.

This provider offers a free plan that allows you to have up to 1,000 subscribers with limited features.

Features of the free plan include the following;

  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited, customizable CTAs & signup forms
  • 30+ premium landing page templates
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Customizable domain setup
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • Unlimited Email broadcasts
  • Subscriber tagging
  • Seamless Unsplash integration
  • Creator community


There are two paid plans, namely creator and creator pro.
And the price of each plan depends on the number of subscribers.

Creator Plan

1000 Subscribers- $25 per month

3,000 Subscribers- $41 per month

5,000 Subscribers- $66 per month

8,000 Subscribers- $83 per month

Creator Pro Plan

1000 Subscribers- $50 per month

3,000 Subscribers- $66 per month

5,000 Subscribers- $93 per month

8,000 Subscribers- $116 per month

Both plans have different pricing if you are paying monthly.
However, you get two months free when you pay yearly.

Summary of the Best Email Marketing Providers.

I know this is a lot to take in, so to help you decide here is a quick summary of each email marketing provider suited for each kind of business.

Constant Contact offers an all in one marketing platform for small business and is perfect for startups who need a lot of features when starting out.

Klaviyo is best for ecommerce store and provides all email marketing automation features for an ecommerce store.
As they help, you build a strong relationship with your customers by listening, analyzing and acting on data you receive through their platform.

Stick with ConvertKit if you are a blogger or digital creators.

Use MailChimp if you have a small business with a low budget.
GetResponses and Active campaign are both great for mid and large companies, online marketers, and B2B businesses.

I hope these great email marketing platforms for small business-medium-sized businesses will help you get started with your email marketing endeavors.
As all of them have powerful features that help a business increase customer engagement and sales.

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