7 Features of Contact Contact: Review

Constant Contact Review: 7 Great Features of Constant Contact

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Constant contact is email marketing service provider created for small businesses and non-profits to help them run efficient campaigns and send unlimited emails.
Constant Contact has provided this service successfully for over 25 years.
Over the years, most business owners and marketers know them for several benefits such as;

Ease of use: When I started using Constant Contact, I didn’t need to watch a tutorial to learn how to use this email marketing provider.
Its email editor is exceptional.
The email editor can easily retrieve your logo, brand colors, social media profile from your website and once it has this information, you can easily customize any template to create an email for your audience.

Automation: You can send automatic emails to customers who are interested in your product and services.

Integrations: Constant Contact integrates with a lot of services such as Zaiper, which you can use to automate different business tasks, Excel, Outlook and list-building tools.
Constant Contact has the ability to integrate with various other applications that a lot of small businesses make use of today.

Segmentation: Segmenting your list or contacts helps you get relevant results from your email marketing.
Segmentation helps you group individuals and send personalize, and relevant information to your audience based on certain features such as demographics, behavior, interest, .
 Constant Contact has a tool called Click Segmentation that makes segmentation easy.  

Constant Contact (All-in-one online marketing provider )

Other Features of Constant Contact: Constant contact is an all-in one marketing software, which various features that can help your small business grow and increase its online presence.

As a small business owner who is busy running their business, it may not be easy for you to keep up with all the tools needed to market your product and services online.
Constant Contact goal is to make managing all of your online marketing activities easy by including all the tools you need to market your products and services to your customers in one place.
In this article, I will review features of Constant Contact.

Website Builder: Having a website for your business is critical for the success of your business online.
A website is the base for all your online marketing activities.
Constant Contact website builder makes it possible for you to design a mobile, responsive website.

Social Media: social media should be part of your online marketing strategy.
Constant Contact has a social media management tool that makes it easy for you to post and manage all of your social activities in one place.
There is also a social inbox tool which you can use to reply comments and messages directly.

Event Management Tool events are a great way to grow your business and extend your reach.
This tool helps you to manage events whether it is a fundraising event, seminar, educational event, and so forth.
Event management tool helps you to manage the backend process of your events, such as collecting names, limiting the number of registrations.
From this tool you can direct people to a landing page for further event details. You can also track event registration and other details when planning an event.

Google Ads Google is a popular search engine with over 6 billion searches every day. With google you can reach and grow your audience. With Constant Contact, you can create Google ads without going through Google’s main advertising platform as it uses artificial intelligence to help you drive more traffic to your website.

Note: You need to set up Google Ad account on Google.

SEO Tools: It is important that you get found online as this contributes to your overall success of your business.

Constant Contact also has an SEO tool which helps you with search engine optimization.
This SEO tool draws details from your website and uses it to suggest steps to rank higher on search engines. You can use this tool even if you are not using the Constant Contact Website Builder.  

Landing Page: Constant Contact has various landing pages to help you achieve certain goals related to your business, such as promotion, hosting events, lead generation, sells of a particular product and so forth. These landing pages include:

Lead Generation Landing page:  This form is a flexible sign-up form that allows your visitors to either join your mailing list, download your content, or even get offers from your business.

Shoppable Landing Page: Let’s say you have a new product and you want to focus attention of your audience. You can use the shoppable landing page to that product or products using constant contact online store.

Custom Landing Page: The landing page is a flexible page you can customize to your own taste, with your own content and design. You use the landing page for events, registration, etc.

Logo Maker: creating a logo for your business is important because it presents your business visually and makes it easy for people to identify and recognized your business anywhere with ease.  The Logo Maker at Constant Contact uses artificial intelligence to help you design a quick and simple logo.

Constant Contact Review Conclusion:  If you are a small business looking for how to keep up with all your marketing activities from one place without having to learn how to use different platforms for various activities, then you should use Constant Contact all in one marketing tool. You can test this platform by registering for a 60 days’ free trial before committing to paying for a subscription plan.

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