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Creating a Website for a Small Business in 2021

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Creating a website for your business is essential for the growth of your business, but smallest businesses are still dragging their feet largely because they do not see what is in it for them to have a business site.

Well, such perception could be correct if the business will serve only local clients within reach, but for businesses that look to serve beyond the immediate environment, pitching an office on the web is a matter of necessity.

Most large and mid-size businesses have grasped the potentiality of getting an effective website and have made it a key feature of their organizational success.

The benefits of having a business website irrespective of the size of the organization are immense, as its potentials are beyond limit.

Here are some reasons experts gave in 2018 of why businesses need not just a website, but an active one.

#1: Your Customers expects it

It may not seem fair, but customer expects serious brands to have a website.

In the world of internet, perception is stronger than reality.

If you do not have a website, customers are very likely to perceive your business as unserious or weak.

No forward thinking business wants such perception.

The real question that businesses are considering before building a website for their business is “what will it cost to have a decent and functional website and what will it cost my business to remain invisible online?”

Rule of thumb #1: Today’s tech-savvy and impatient customers will look elsewhere if your business does not have a website.

#2: Greater Reach

Having a business website is an excellent way to reach an audience far beyond your immediate reach.

Once your business website is well-optimized from the development level and with great content, then you are ready to reach the world from your corner.

The significant news is that with or without a physical office location, you can reach limitless potential customers.

#3: Offer your Business Level Playing Field

You heard it right, with a business website; you can level with the big brands.

A beautiful, interactive and responsive website can give you an edge to stand at shoulder level with the big brands.

In the cyberworld, the boldest, loudest and most visible, wears the crown.

This is what a business website can afford your business.

#4: Potential of showing up in web search

This is one hot recipe for your website that you can’t afford not to leverage on.

If you have ever paid for advertisement, traditional or digital, you would appreciate the unlimited value having a website would do for your business.

Once you have ensured that you have optimize your site with keywords related to your business offerings right at website development level-then your business positioned to show up when searches related to your business on the internet.

The ripple effect having an optimized website will have on your business visibility locally and globally is quantum.

#5: Potential of becoming an authority in your industry

In the world of internet, the individual or business who is visible online and has the greater visible and voice gains credibility and is perceived as the market leader.

When you have your business pitched online and well visible, you gain credibility in your industry before your customers.

#5: Control the Narrative

Having a business website helps you control the narrative.

No one will tell your business story better than you.

All you need to do is have a blog appended to your website and you are good.

Your website affords you the privilege to tell your story, shape public opinion, control the narrative and frame your story your own way.

Creating a website for a small business:

In building a website for your business, you can decide to build one yourself or hire a professional to build one for you. In this article, I will discuss getting a site with NameCheap.

NameCheap Website Builder:

Namecheap is also an internet hosting provider that began in 2000.

They are known for their affordable hosting plans.

Some of their services include hosting, domain, Professional Email, WordPress hosting services, and other applications such as Logo maker, CDN, Business Card Maker, ID validation, and Marketplace.

This website hosting company not only provides these features but, also has a free website builder which allows you to build a website when you purchase one of its shared hosting plans.

How do you use NameCheap website builder?

Choose a shared hosting plan.

NameCheap’s shared hosting comprises 3 unique plans, namely Stellar, Stellar plus and Stellar business.

I recommend you purchase Stellar Plus, as it not only provides you with unmetered bandwidth but unlimited storage disk.

Stellar plus shared web hosting plan also gives you the ability to own unlimited websites and domains on a single hosting subscription, and you can also create unlimited email addresses.

All NameCheap shared hosting comes with the following;

 Domain privacy and protection.

 Free SSL Certificate setup.

 Unmetered bandwidth.

Free website builder.

NameCheap Shared Hosting

Choosing a Custom Domain Name with NameCheap.

Just as any other website hosting provider, NameCheap offers you the capability to select a domain name.

You can adopt a .com, .org,. net, or any other TLD that describes your business. Usually it is best to purchase a .com domain name because it is popular among people and easy to recall.

Although all web hosting plans offer a free domain name in your first year, I strongly recommend you buy a domain name outside your hosting plan.

Find a domain starting at $0.88

powered by Namecheap

This enables you to have different expiration dates. And you get to keep your domain name even if your hosting plan expires or you forget to renew it.

However, if you have an existing domain name, you do not need to create another.

Choosing a Template:

NameCheap free website builder has over 200 fully designed and equipped templates. You can choose a template to build your website.

The free website builder comprises the following components;

Drag and drop editor.

 Ecommerce payment solutions.

Ability to import and existing site.

Responsive design, so your site is usable from any device.

Over 45 languages.

 With little or no experiences in web design, NameCheap free website builder makes it straightforward for you to develop a website.

You can develop a website for a blog, online shop, small business, or a portfolio by using this free website builder

It is again flexible so you can make revisions and update your website.

NameCheap Website Builder (Free Templates)

After you select a template, it will redirect you to a dashboard.

Here you can fully customize your website, add your brand color, change theme, add, edit or delete pages and sections.

Drag and Drop website editor

It also provides you with an image library which allows you to choose from thousands of images to use for your website.

Nevertheless, if you do not want to use the free website builder NameCheap and rather prefer to use WordPress.

NameCheap has products and services for a WordPress site.

In today’s fast-paced world characterized by clicks and tabs, not having a website for your business irrespective of the size- is as good as winking in the dark.

Setting up a simple basic site for your venture is much more economical than you might think. You can also contact me for a free consultation for a small business website.

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