How solo entrepreneurs can be more productivity in 2021

How Solo Entrepreneurs Can Be More Productivity

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Becoming an entrepreneur is an exciting feeling that so many people feel when starting out on their business. You get extremely happy that you have your own business and you can do whatever you want to do, wake up when you feel like, and have time for so many other parts of your life.

I have just left my 9 to 5 job, having the excitement and feeling of  “at last I have succeeded in leaving and becoming an entrepreneur”.  Hurry! I said to myself.  After three months of working on my business and getting no client, it dawns on me that being an entrepreneur takes a lot of self-discipline, planning, and re-planning, reading and hard work especially when you are starting as a sole owner.

At the beginning, you act as the director, manager, market, sales person, customer service office etc and so you are everywhere in your business. How do solo entrepreneurs keep up with everything in their business and still be productive?

How entrepreneurs can be more productivity in 2021


When I first started out I would list out all the task I will need to do to grow my business or work on a project. When I am done, I would sit down to review and immediately become overwhelmed at my crazy to-do-list, and unfortunately my idea of completing a to-do-list was by getting all the trivial tasks out of the way, so I start multitasking.

One Idea I use to get all task completed that you can also apply is to pick 3 to 6 of the most important tasks and focus on getting them done.  When I finish with these vital tasks, I will then select more jobs that are secondary and so on.

These days there are a lot of computer software’s you can use to plan your to-do-list such as Microsoft Excel, One Note, Trello, Wunderlist, Todolist, ToodleDo and so forth.


Learning to concentrate first on a job that matters the most is the first step to being more productive at work. When you set specific goals, focus on the primary task that helps you achieve your goals more.  So instead of spending your day working on less important tasks, start with significant projects, while you are still high on energy.


Every day I start with a routine of waking up 5am, studying for 30minutes to 1 hour, doing my house chores, and then finally working on my business from 9am- about 4pm every day. Establishing routines enables us humans to carry out tasks faster and more efficiently. A certified career coach, Hallie Crawford says when we create methods, we carry out responsibility much quicker since we don’t have to think about the task or prepare for it. I, for example, use Trello and Google calendar to follow a routine.


Even if you have as an entrepreneur you will want to follow your passion therefore, there will still be many tasks you don’t enjoy doing. Hire a virtual assistant to lift the burden off your shoulders and focus more on the work you enjoy doing.

For example; If you are a fashion designer, you will have a lot of interest and love for sewing and designing clothing, instead of spending your time doing social media management and other administrative tasks, these tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is someone who works remotely while assisting you with administrative,  technical skills or both. Having a Virtual assistant is important for most solo entrepreneurs, as having one enable you to concentrate on other aspects of your business that you enjoy doing.

Being and entrepreneurs takes self-discipline, dedication and hard work. And if you can follow these steps to help you be more productivity you will accomplish more in a short time.

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