What is Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing? A powerful Marketing Strategy

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“Email Marketing is the act of sending commercial message typically message typically to a group of people using email.” (Wikipedia)

This form of advertising gives you the opportunity to build an email list which in turns allows you to share your story, promote your business and showcase your products and services. By so doing you turn subscribers into customers of your brand, this article will outline the steps required to build a mailing list for your email marketing strategy.

Who uses email marketing

Email marketing is used by both B2B and B2C organization. According to statistics 81% of SME say they received a high rate in customer retention and acquisition through email marketing. B2B companies use email marketing for various purposes such as lead generation, education, sales follow up developing contacts, provision of feedback while B2C companies use in your marketing for direct sales newsletters, promotions education up selling products and upcoming renewals of subscriptions.

Why Should You Use Email Marketing?

Email usage

The number of email users in 2019 globally was 3.9 billion users and according to “Statista 2020” in 2024 this figure is set to grow to 4.3 billion users. No matter how small your business is you have the ability to reach customers through email marketing 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Email Usgae.

Number of emails sent daily.

Billions of emails are sent each day in 2022 figures is expected to increase to 347.3 billion daily emails from the 293 .6 billion in 2019 daily. Email marketing grows your business email is the primary driver for customer retention and acquisition. Therefore, understanding in email consumption is a must for all marketers and businesses worldwide.

Relationship between mobile usage and email marketing

The rise of smartphone has made email valuable as 80% of smartphone users check their phone daily. Making mobile a primary method people used to access their email your emails.

Business can encourage mobile users to opt-in for the mailing list and harness the power of mobile messages and constant communication. Email marketing, helps brands engage and build relationships with people who become customers, and advocates of a brand. Therefore, choosing the right platform will depend on the needs of your business.

So how do you use email to market your products and services?

Choosing the Right Email Marketing Provider.

When choosing the right email marketing platform for your business consider these essential features.

PRICING: because each marketing platform exists with a different pricing system. It is best to check if the one you choose is a good fit for your budget.

USER INTERFACE: You don’t want to have headaches after paying for a platform. Make sure you choose a platform you find easy to use.

INDUSTRY: Most email marketing platforms are built with an audience in mind. While some cater for every kind of industry some are specific. For instance, Klaviyo was built with ecommerce business in mind. If it doesn’t address your needs, then you have no business registering on that platform.

3 Steps to Building an Email List.


The first and foremost process to creating an email list is to give your audience something of value. Give people a reason to sign up to your email list. Your audience like freebies, especially if it going to be of great use to them. Freebies can be a Checklist, a PDF Guide, A Coupon, Free email training series and so forth.


 Creating a pop-up form or an embedded form for your website gives your visitors a chance to share their contact information and subscribe to your list. Pop-up forms are a powerful tool for audience growth. There are so much Email Marketing platforms you can use to create a mailing list such, ConvertKit, Contact Constant, MailChimp, and so on. However, I prefer Constant Contact for small businesses because of its unique all-in one marketing platform.  

Tips: Make sure your freebie is linked to your sign-up form, such that your visitors can download the freebie after providing their contact information.


 Apart from your regular website, reaching more audience should be your number one goal if you want to grow your mailing list. Creating a Facebook Ad helps you build your audience by advertising and showing your ads to people who will be interested in your products or services. You can also use Facebook Ads for a lead generation, not just for selling a product.


Now, you have everything in place to grow your audience. You should have a way to welcome your new subscribers. Create an email welcome automation that embraces all your new subscribers it can be a simple thank you a message, discount offers, promotion of new products, or telling you new subscribers more about your business.

In conclusion, when planning a robust advertising strategy, using email marketing to grow your audience should be a priority in any business. If you will need help in setting up your email campaigns platform, contact us for a free consultation.

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